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Cold compressed-air dryer series SD - Innovative quality product "Made in Germany"

Your advantages:

  • Very important energy saving
  • The new cold dryer control flexibly adapts the
    cooling capacity of the dryer to any requirement
    - even if the devices prepare the compressed-
    air of speed-controlled compressors
  • Inefficient by-pass control is omitted as the
    dryer even in partical load operation only consumes
    the energy which is in fact required for
    the preparation of the current compressed-air
    quantity (from SD 50).
  • Considerably reduced coolant filling
  • All cold dryers with the coolant R 134 a which
    is not harmful to atmospheric ozone
  • Compact construction
  • Low downstream pressure difference
  • Reliable use up to an environmental temperature
    of + 50°C (compact type: max. + 45°C)
  • Reliable and operationally safe
  • Innovative quality product
  • “Made in Germany”

1. Compressed-air-intake

2. Compressed-air outlet

3. Air/Air - heat exchanger

4. Coolant/air - heat exchanger

5. Condensate separator

6. Condensate drain (from model SD 50)

7. Coolant blower

8. Coolant condenser

9. Thermostatic expansion valve

10. Output control


Function of the cold compressed-air dryer:

  • The compressed-air is conducted to the cold
    compressed-air dryer for preparation and
    pre-cooled in the air / air heat exchanger. This
    pre-cooling takes place in the counter current
    flow of the escaping cooled compressed-air
    and is therefore working completely without
    any additional energy requirement.
  • The further cooling to the pressure dew point
    takes place in the coolant / air heat exchanger
    which is cooled by a coolant circuit. During
    the whole cooling process, the humidity of
    the compressed-air drops out as condensate
    and is automatically drained.
  • The prepared compressed-air is reheated in
    the air / air heat exchanger by the induced
    compressed-air before it escapes.
  • This way, we achieve a considerable energy

In order to prevent from costly failures, the

compressed-air is to be dry, oil-free and

clean during production!


TRISAB-heat exchanger

  • The “core” of the new model range is the
    newly designed TRISAB heat exchanger (standard
    from 80 m3/h airflow onwards).
  • It distinguishes itself by a very large heat
    exchange surface. This guarantees an operation
    mode independent from the load.
  • The use of largely dimensioned flow channels
    allows extremely low pressure differences.
    the system has large overload reserves and
    works with a pressure dew point of + 3°C. It is
    possible to operate up to a dew point of
    +15°C. The unusually high separation grade
    may render the upstream cyclone separator
    unnecessary. the condensate which accumulates
    in the BURAN cold compressed-air
    dryers is drained off by compressed-air microprocessor
    controlled without loss.

1. Compressed-air-intake

2. Compressed-air-outlet

3. Air/Air - heat exchanger

4. Coolant/air - heat exchanger

5. Coolant-intake

6. Coolant-outlet

7. Condensate collection space

8. Drop separator

9. Condensate drain


The decisive advantages of the TRISAB

heat exchanger:

  • Largely dimensioned air / air - heat exchanger
  • Coolant / air heat exchanger with important
    power density
  • Integrated condensate separation system
  • Insensibility to soiling by largely dimensions
    flow channels
  • Low downstream pressure difference
  • Insensibility to corrosion by using aluminum
    of special production processes which have
    proven over decades.
  • Reliable function even in case of excess humidity
    at the compressed-air intake.
modelSD 25SD 35SD 50SD 65
Item no.204 1025204 1035204 1050204 1065
EUR excl. VAT830,00925,001.070,001.180,00
Technical data
Flow capacity at 7 bar overpressure m3/h25355065
Flow capacity at 7 bar overpressure l/min4165838301080
Pressure difference bar0,190,280,260,32
Electrical connection V/50 Hz230230230230
Output-acceptance kW0,180,190,260,28
Cooling air requirement m3/h240240450450
Air connections R\\"/DN1/2''1/2''3/4''3/4''
Condensate drain mm (R)10101010
Weight kg25264041
Dimenstions mm350 x 400 x 350350 x 400 x 350450 x 500 x 450450 x 500 x 450
modelSD 80SD 100SD 125
Item no.204 1080204 1100204 1125
EUR excl. VAT1.295,001.575,001.810,00
Technical data
Flow capacity at 7 bar overpressure m3/h80100125
Flow capacity at 7 bar overpressure l/min133016602080
Pressure difference bar0,100,140,22
Electrical connection V/50 Hz230230230
Output-acceptance kW0,350,380,40
Cooling air requirement m3/h450770770
Air connections R\\"/DN3/4''1''1''
Condensate drain mm (R)101010
Weight kg444850
Dimenstions mm450 x 500 x 450600 x 550 x450600 x 550 x 450