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MIG/MAG welding machine


Stepped, water-cooled industrial unit for a maximum of 50 l gas bottle

4.540,00 EUR excl. Tax / pc(s).
5.448,00 EUR incl. 20% Tax / pc(s).

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Art.-No. 1002452

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    The SYNERGIC.PRO² series: Stepped MIG / MAG devices with SMC® technology

    A quantum leap in MIG / MAG technology:
    The SYNERGIC. PRO² Series continues to be the unrivaled performance leader in its class of equipment through its comprehensive, intelligent SMC® machine control concept, its tremendous power and robustness proven in the toughest environments.

    Guaranteed reliability
    All SYNERGIC.PRO² components down to the smallest screw are tested in hard endurance tests. Of course you get 3 years factory warranty.

    Quiet Arc
    Continuous power supply compensation ensures optimal welding results through a smooth, steady arc.

    Safe ignition
    An electronically controlled throttle optimizes settings during ignition. And the REHM auto-stop mechanism controls the wire feed until the arc is ignited.

    No burning
    The wire feed control automatically ensures that the end of the wire does not burn to the workpiece or current nozzle a consistent length of wire end at the end of the weld.


    Smooth wire feed
    A powerful, Digitally controlled wire feed ensures precision even with 5-meter-long hose assemblies.

    Adjustable gas flow rates
    Depending on which material you weld, the Synergic.Pro² automatically finds the optimum gas post-flow time .

    Easy-to-handle wire feed case
    The wire feed case, which is securely attached to the power source, is easy to turn and remove without tools. Easy to maneuver even when the trolley is mounted.

    Easy to maneuver
    With the large, sturdy, easy-running wheels and sturdy, ergonomically designed grips, you can use any device easy to maneuver - in the workshop as on the construction site. From version 250-4 the devices are also suitable for crane or forklift transport.

    Comfortably quiet
    The optimum housing construction and the standby circuit of fan and water pump ensure a pleasant, silent, continuous use.

    Wide range of applications
    Whether thin or thick sheet metal, whether unalloyed and alloyed steels, stainless steels, aluminum or coated sheets, whether workshop or operation, stationary or mobile: thanks to the enormous power and endurance of the devices combined with intelligent machine control, the range of applications of the SYNERGIC.PRO² is almost unlimited.

    Pure Intelligence Thanks to SMC®

    SMC® (Smart Machine Control)
    Novel, intelligent machine control for excellent welding results through simple, safe operation

    Characteristic Curve Memory (CCM)
    Integrated welding parameter database with concentrated expert knowledge

    RSC® (Realtime Speed Control)
    Real-Time Monitoring and Precise Wire Feed Speed Control Prevents Solid Firing

    SDI® (Stepless Dynamic Induction)
    Infinitely-variable, ultra-fast control electronic welding choke for excellent ignition performance and stable arc</ p >

    RMI (REHM Machine Interface)
    Allows easy, fast setting of welding parameters

    The gas-/water-cooled SYNERGIC.PRO2 welding machines up to 450 A: 4-roller drive and individual equipment included.

    SYNERGIC.PRO2 250-4 to 450 -4:
    For those who are getting fatter and who have special demands on the individual device design

    Wide range of applications
    Whether thin or thick sheet metal, whether unalloyed and alloyed steels, stainless steels, aluminum or coated sheets, the compact SYNERGIC.PRO² devices for the lower power range are unbeatable in mobile use: Thanks to the enormous power and endurance of the devices combined with the intelligent machine control SMC® (Smart Machine Control), the range of applications of the compact SYNERGIC.PRO² performance class is particularly broad.

    Flexible in equipment
    In industrial or artisanal steel construction, in metalworking shops, agricultural economics or in mining, alloyed and unalloyed steels are also used for medium processed to thick material thicknesses. Particularly robust welding machines with high performance reserves are needed here, which can be individually tailored to their tasks. Our SYNERGIC.PRO2 range from 250-4 upwards offers numerous equipment options from specific, separate feed boxes to extra long intermediate hose packages.

    Uniform wire feed
    A powerful, digitally controlled 4-reel drive for wire feed ensures perfect results even with a hose package several meters long.

    Easy to handle
    The wire feed case fixed to the power source is easy to handle Turn and remove without tools with a handle. Even with mounted trolley, it can be easily put on. All units are also suitable for crane or stacker transport as standard.

    Note: The maintenance of welding power sources must be carried out once a year in accordance with BGV A 3 and VDE 0544-207. Our service department helps.


    Torch coolingwater
    Dimensions and weights
    Length approx.1030 mm
    Width/depth approx.605 mm
    Height approx.1440 mm
    Weight approx.140 kg
    Duty cycle
    Duty cycle at Imax. 40°C50 %
    Current at 100% DC 40°C320 A
    Electrical Data
    Supply voltage3 x 400 V
    Setting range
    MIG/MAG45 450 A
    Switching stages30
    Standards and certifications
    EMC classA
    Explanation EMC classThis Class A welding equipment is not intended for use in residential areas where power is supplied by a public low-voltage power supply system.
    Wire feed
    weldable wires steel0,8 – 1,2 mm
    weldable wires stainless steel0,8 – 1,2 mm
    weldable wires aluminium1.0 – 1.2 mm
    Wire feet unit4 Rollers
    Unit: pc(s).
    Packaging unit: 1

    • Step-switched, water-cooled MIG-MAG welding machine
    • 4-roll drive
    • 2/4-clock-point / control
    • SMC
    • Power cable with plug 5m
    • Central connection system Binzel
    • Digital display for welding voltage
    • Welding current and material thickness
    • Operating and temperature display without Torch
    • without ground cable
    • without pressure reducer
    • without intermediate hose package (accessory)


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