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– the Stürmer maintenance contract

Be on the safe side with a Stürmer maintenance contract: Qualified Stürmer technicians provide service and maintenance work, ensuring safety and availability while at the same time preserving the value of your investment.

Maintenance work includes checking, maintaining and replacing of components if necessary in accordance with our check list. If components essential for safe and functional operation show abnormalities, they will be replaced after consultation with you.

Our Stürmer service team will contact you 6 to 8 weeks before your scheduled maintenance date to make sure you will not miss any services.

Fixed-price maintenance contracts provide additional security thanks to plannable costs.

Benefit from a Stürmer maintenance contract:

✔ Operational safety

✔ Avoid unnecessary and costly downtimes

✔ Original spare parts

✔ Manufacturer expertise

✔ Professional guidance by trained personnel

✔ Warranty on work carried out

✔ Plannable costs and work

✔ On-site consultation

✔ Fixed maintenance costs for clear defined work

✔ System updates and regular on-site guidance

For your personal offer and additional information about our maintenance packages, please use our contact form. We will handle your requests immediately.

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