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Welding accessories

Welding torches and accessories for your MIG, MAG and TIG welding equipment. We offer a wide range of welding accessories and equipment options, such as cooling units, assembly and welding tables, welding fume extraction, clamping tools and oxyfuel technology.


MIG/MAG welding torch, water cooled

9W D / FD

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Torch body

Pluscut 45-105A

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Cutting nozzle

gouging Pluscut 65A

Productimage for gouging Pluscut 65A

Starter set

Pluscut 85A

Productimage for Pluscut 85A

Cutting nozzle

gouging Pluscut 85A

Productimage for gouging Pluscut 85A

Cutting nozzle

long Pluscut 85A

Productimage for long Pluscut 85A

Cutting nozzle long

Pluscut 65A

Productimage for Pluscut 65A

Protective cap

Pluscut 45-85A

Productimage for Pluscut 45-85A

Protective cap

long Pluscut 45-105A

Productimage for long Pluscut 45-105A