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  • Productimage for OPTIturn L 50E
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  • Productimage for OPTIturn L 50E
  • Productimage for OPTIturn L 50E
  • Productimage for OPTIturn L 50E
  • Productimage for OPTIturn L 50E
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CNC lathe

OPTIturn L 50E

OPTIMUM PREMiUM Universal CNC lathe

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Art.-No. 3504240

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    Complete solution - multiple options


    • Precise processing
    • Spindle and feed motors from SIEMENS
    • Full enclosure with safety device
    • Standard with a maximum spindle speed of up to 3,000 min-1
    • Hydraulic lathe chuck
    • Ball screws
    • Linear guides in all axes
    • Automatic central lubrication
    • Servo-hydraulic VDI 30 tool changer with 8 tool places
    • Swiveling control unit
    • Electronic handwheels for the X and Z axes
    • Coolant device with 110 liter coolant tank
    • RJ45 plug connection, USB connection and 230 V power connection
    • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
    • Six adjustable feet
    • Operating tools


    CNC technology from the technology leader, paired with a revolutionary operating concept

    Increased productivity in production

    • The SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED control is a panel-based CNC control. The compact and user-friendly entry-level solution is used for simple turning applications. Features such as simple operation, commissioning and maintenance are the perfect basis for equipping CNC machines.
    • Due to its technology-specific characteristics, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED control is perfectly preconfigured for turning. Due to the hardware and software extensions, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED also offers sufficient performance for simple turning functions for mold and tool making.


    • Thanks to a panel-based CNC design with few interfaces and an operator panel in protection class IP65, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is perfectly prepared for use in harsh environments. The small dimensions enable the use in compact machines.


    • Control-identical software package for further simplification of the handling of the machine.


    • 8.4” LCD color display with 800 x 600 resolution


    • RJ45 Ethernet port
    • Prepared for remote maintenance
    • AST function; enables simple optimization with higher demands on dynamics and accuracy
    • Absolute encoder/no reference travel necessary
    • Higher accuracy

    Extended warranty

    With the extended warranty you protect your new machine against warranty damage for a further 12 or 36 months (only to be bought with purchase of machine).

    • 12 months; Article No. 3589010
    • 36 months; Article No. 3589012

    Standard equipment


    • Capacity for eight tools
    • Servo hydraulic VDI30 tool turret
    • Mounting height max. 20 mm
    • Mounting diameter 32 mm


    • Maximum feed speed
    • Durable
    • Stainless steel cover


    • Indicates the status of the machine visually


    • Handwheel for manual movement of the X-axis and Z-axis
    • Emergency stop impact switch


    • Clear structure of the control cabinet
    • Compliant with standards
    • Drives from SIEMENS


    • Ensures regular and automatic lubrication
    • Lubrication points that are connected to the central lubrication system have a longer service life


    • Control-identical software package
    • Simplifies the handling of the machine
    • The workpieces can be programmed and simulated offline.

    Training and learning:

    • Operation of SINUMERIK Operate BASIC can be learned on the PC without additional hardware.
    • Simple and convenient learning with control-identical user interface.

    Offline CNC programming:

    • Productivity increase through programming directly on the PC
    • Testing of part programs on the PC with the integrated simulation

    Professional CNC presentations:

    • Presentation of the SINUMERIK Operate BASIC user interface on the PC - anytime, anywhere without additional hardware


    Cooling lubricant system
    Coolant pump output450 W
    Tank capacity110 l
    Cleaning pump output1000 W
    Dimensions and weights
    Length approx.2750 mm
    Width/depth approx.1965 mm
    Height approx.2052 mm
    Weight approx.4200 kg
    Electrical connections
    Total rated value11 kVA
    Electrical Data
    Supply voltage400 V
    Mains frequency50 Hz
    Feed speed
    X axis12000 mm/min
    Z axis15000 mm/min
    Hydraulic system
    Motor output2,2 kW
    Tank capacity50 l
    Machine data
    Chuck passage diameter52 mm
    Motor torque
    X axis6 Nm
    Z axis11 Nm
    Torque at the spindle86 Nm
    Repetition accuracy± 0.005 mm
    Positioning accuracy± 0,008 mm
    Speed range
    Speed range3000 min¯¹
    Spindle chuckDIN ISO 702-1 Nr. 6 Form A2
    Spindle bore with hydraulic chuck66 mm
    ChuckMK 5
    Quill stroke150 mm
    Quill diameter75 mm
    Travel X axis300 mm
    Travel Z axis800 mm
    Typehydraulic; VDI 30
    Number of tool slots8 Tools
    Max. chuck height, width square20 mm
    Max. chuck diameter drilling rod32 mm
    Vertical spindle
    Drive motor output continuous operation S17,5 kW
    Drive motor output S6-30 % operation11.25 kW
    Drive motor torque48 Nm
    Drive motor torque S6-30 % operation72 Nm
    Work areas
    Lathe chuck diameter210 mm
    Turning length618 mm
    Max. height245 mm
    Swing diameter above machine bed490 mm
    Swing diameter above planing slide280 mm
    Bed width400 mm
    Unit: pc(s).
    Packaging unit: 1




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    Optional parts

    Optional parts can not be retrofitted and are available only when ordering new machines.